The economic region

The region has been marked by structural change and modernisation since the start of the nineties, making it an attractive area to live and work in. Hi-tech and research have come into the traditional areas of shipbuilding and agriculture, the biotechnology sector is steadily expanding, tourism is booming.
Potential investors are greeted in Vorpommern by an enterprise and innovation friendly environment, a highly qualified and motivated workforce, business-oriented universities and higher education institutions and customised state subsidy schemes. Health, education and leisure facilities have largely been modernised or newly created, offering a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

Pomerania - Cross-border development

The Pomerania organisation stretches over three country borders: Northwestern Poland, Southern Sweden and Northeastern Germany. Its work concentrates on transnational developments in the areas of infrastructure, industry and culture and in other social fields. The Eastern enlargement of the European Community offers new opportunities and markets for the economic region of Vorpommern.

The economic region of Vorpommern has a future and is ready for!

The economic region Vorpommern