Location & infrastructure

  • central location in the Baltic region: access to the markets of east and northern Europe
  • developed modern transport infrastructure
  • the most modern telecommunication network in the world
  • favourable conditions for land, building and business parks with excellent infrastructure links

Potential workforce

  • highly qualified and motivated, mobile and flexible personnel (no regional accent)
  • graduates and students of the University of Greifswald (circa 11.500) and the University of applied sciences Stralsund (circa 3.000)

Scientific & research environment

  • a dense network of universities higher education institutes, scientific institutes and technology and research centres


  • investment-friendly climate: numerous regional subsidy programmes; German and EU grants
  • Investment subsidies of up to 50 % for small, up to 40% for medium-sized and up to 30% for big businesses

Public authorities

  • preconditions for work on Sundays and public holidays and licensed 24- hour operation
  • employment office support in staff recruitment

Nature & the environment

  • untouched nature and a clean environment
  • factors for quality of life, health, tourism and agriculture

Work & living environment

  • "Work where others make holiday": Vorpommern is a popular holiday destination and offers a fantastic variety of cultural, education, relaxation, leisure and sporting activities
  • low cost of living, affordable housing near the sea