Vorpommern has first-class tourist potential: no region in Germany has more coastline and beaches, the two largest and loveliest islands in Germany, Rügen and Usedom, are here. The charming Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula has holidaymakers in record numbers. Its unspoilt nature and mild and bracing climate make Vorpommern an ideal place for recuperation and health.

Both the changing coastal scenery and the varied hinterland with its untouched nature, lakes, forests and lowland moors are an invitation to walkers, cyclists, riders and boaters, or just to relax or recuperate.

Among the factors for the success of Vorpommern as a tourist region are the expansion of infrastructure and accommodation and the strong tourism lobby. The region's historical authenticity, outstanding natural and cultural scenery and the designation of numerous towns as seaside spas and resorts, offering ideal conditions for health and well being, contribute to its success. The annual increase in visitor numbers - many holidaymakers come again - bear witness to the expansion of the tourism sector.

Regional potential

  • mild bracing climate of the Baltic Sea and clean air as a health and recuperation factor
  • well developed touristy infrastructure
  • tourism for special interests like health, sightseeing and other alternatives
  • close to the congested urban areas Berlin and Hamburg, ideal location for short vacation

In Vorpommern draw strength and values!